What Happens When You Start Your Day with Toasted Muesli?

Oatmeal topped with Michele's Toasted Muesli

You may be surprised to learn what happens when you start your day with our Toasted Muesli! 

The simple ingredient list of this hand-blended recipe reads like a who's who of nutritious choices that will leave you fueled but not overly full and ready to tackle the day without the dreaded mid-morning blood sugar crash.

Our Muesli--like our granola--begins with gluten-free organic oats. We opt for whole grain oats that contain plenty of fiber, including beta-glucan, which has a well-earned reputation for helping to manage blood sugars (not to mention improved cholesterol numbers in the long run).

Many mueslis on the shelf are mostly oats, but we prioritize a high ratio of nuts and organic seeds in ours. Not only are they tasty, they're packed with filling fiber, healthful fats, plus minerals that contribute to overall well-being, especially when consumed regularly.

Pumpkin seeds in particular are prized for their antioxidant content, including vitamin E and carotenoids that reduce inflammation in our bodies. They're also an outstanding source of nature's chill pill, magnesium, so consuming them daily at breakfast has a cumulative health-promoting effect.

We've talked a lot about what's in our Toasted Muesli, but it's worth mentioning what's not in it: Refined sugar! We add just a touch of sweetness from pure maple syrup--only one gram of added sugar per serving--so you don't have to worry about the aforementioned mid-morning crash. Read more about the sugar content in our products here. 

    We hope you'll make our Toasted Muesli a staple at your breakfast table, or enjoy it in recipes, like Raspberry Crumble Breakfast Bars or Toasty Muesli Bread.



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    When will your mini bags be offered in stores? My go to store is Mom’s In Jessup.


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