We Baked the Low-in-Sugar Variety You Asked For!

We Baked the Low-in-Sugar Variety You Asked For!

Let's talk about sugar. Many of you have asked us to bake a low-in-sugar variety, but what does that mean?

For optimal health, the FDA has determined 50 grams of added sugar--or 12½ teaspoons--is the maximum daily amount an adult should consume as part of a 2,000-calorie diet.

Many consumers seeking a lower sugar option have discovered our Toasted Muesli, a loose cereal packed with plenty of whole grain oats, nuts, seeds and fruit that naturally provide fiber, protein and iron. It contains no preservatives, cholesterol or sodium.

And it contains just one gram of added sugar from pure maple syrup!

Our muesli definitely checks the box for customers looking for lower sugar, but what about our granola?

We bake our Original Granola with whole grain oats, almonds and sunflower seeds, and 5 grams of added organic brown sugar per quarter cup serving--that's 1¼ teaspoons, relatively quite low in comparison with many other granola brands on the shelf. Even our most indulgent Cherry Chocolate Granola also contains just 5 grams of added sugar per serving. 

The organic brown sugar in our granola provides not only sweetness but it's also an important part of its unparalleled light and crisp texture. We're committed to baking with all natural ingredients we feel good feeding our own families, so artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols are simply not a part of our pantry. 

Visit our recipe blog for inspiration to enjoy our handmade granola and muesli as a tasty component of your healthy lifestyle, in vegetable-filled salads, homemade breads, or treat yourself with a batch of cookies!



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