Your Oatiful Holiday Gift Guide

Handmade granola, muesli and granola butter from Michele's Granola gift guide

With a growing variety of innOATvative products from our kitchen, we baked a little something for everyone on your list this holiday season! Consult our handy gift guide to help you shop, and leave us a comment if we missed anyone on your list:


Michele's Oat & Nut Butter Bundle

The Trendsetter

He saw it on Good Morning America, ogled as Al Roker snacked on it on the Today Show, even saw it trending at the Specialty Food Association Summer Fancy Food Show. It's nut butter, but better, with the goodness of granola! Gift the Trendsetter in your life our Oat & Nut Butter Gift Bundle, with one jar each of our Original and Maple Pecan Oat & Nut Butter in a beautiful printed box.


Michele's Granola Best Breakfast Bundle

The Breakfast Lover

Most people like breakfast. This person lives for breakfast. They go to bed excited to wake up and eat breakfast. They're already thinking about tomorrow's breakfast as they put down the spoon after today's breakfast. Gift them the Best Breakfast Bundle, featuring seasonal favorites, Oat & Nut Butter, plus coffee and tea!


Michele's Toasted Muesli

The No Sugar, No Oil Crowd

We all know at least one (maybe you're one!): The wellness-seeker who opts for lower sugar and no added oil in their diet. Our Toasted Muesli fits the bill, free from oil and refined sugar, but the real story is what it's full of: Gently toasted organic oats, nuts, seeds, raisins and a touch of pure maple syrup (just 1g per serving). Because we toast it, this versatile recipe also makes a tasty cold cereal, yogurt stir-in and salad topper right out of the bag. 


Michele's Chocolate Granola varieites

The Chocolate Connoisseur

You know the one who always has a stash of premium chocolate in her desk drawer. She can tell the difference between semi-sweet and 70% cocoa with her eyes closed. Give her the gift of indulgent Cocoa Chocolate Chip and Cherry Chocolate Granola, loaded with rich vegan chocolate chips, dairy-free with only 4-5 grams of added sugar per serving!


Michele's Ginger Hemp Bulk Bag

The Trail Trekker

The punch of ground ginger and combination of six superfood seeds in our Ginger Hemp Granola Bulk Bag make this a natural choice for the tree-hugging trail trekker who loves a good hike and a great snack portioned out in a reusable container, of course. Our bulk bag is the most eco-friendly way to purchase Michele's Granola from our website, making this the perfect gift for the greenest of green folks.



Did we forget anyone on your list? Let us know in the comments!

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