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Recipe for S'mores Granola Bars with Cocoa Chocolate Chip Granola - vegan options

S’mores Granola Bars (Vegan-Friendly Option)

We packed this wholesome granola bar recipe with the nostalgic flavors and gooey marshmallows you love in s'mores, but you can make these treats right on your stove top--no open flame required! Our Cocoa Chocolate Chip Granola adds extra chocolatey goodness to these bars, a special treat for on-the-go snacking.

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Chocolate Granola Bark with Michele's Cocoa Chocolate Chip Granola, Oat & Nut Butter (granola butter) and Valrhona Chocolate

Double Chocolate Granola Bark

With just a few ingredients, including our granola-inspired Oat & Nut Butter plus excellent quality chocolate from our friends Valrhona Chocolate, you can create this indulgent melt-in-your-mouth treat studded with crunchy granola chunks. Feel free to experiment with different Michele's Granola varieties, like Cherry Chocolate or Salted Maple Pecan, to change the flavor profile.

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Oat & Nut Butter Cup recipe - granola butter enrobed in chocolate

Chocolatey Oat & Nut Butter Cups

Not only are these Oat & Nut Butter-filled treats simple to make, they're infinitely more delicious than the ubiquitous store-bought version, and you know exactly what's in them!  

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Dairy-free Milkshake made with Michele's Granola

Doubly Oaty Chocolate Milkshake

We upped the oaty ante and truly transformed the goodness of whole grain oats into a special treat by blending our Original Granola with Unsweetened Oat Milk from our friends at Elmhurst. Enjoy sipping and sharing this chocolatey shake!

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