It's a Toasted Muesli Time of Year


If you're planning eating more healthfully in the new year, it's time you discovered our award-winning Toasted Muesli!

Pronounced "myooz-lee" or "myoos-lee," our blend contains many of the ingredients you love in our granola: Whole grain organic oats, coconut, a variety of nutritious seeds & nuts, plus raisins and dried apricots. And like all of our products, our Muesli is free of wheat, dairy (it's certified vegan), soy, eggs and GMO ingredients.


But where our granola is known for its chunks, our Muesli is a loose cereal with no refined sugar (lightly sweetened with Maryland maple syrup) and no added oil.

Michele's Muesli is also different from other brands in that ours is gently toasted and not raw, creating a more flavorful cereal. Toasting the oats also means you can enjoy the cereal right out of the bag! Here are a few of our favorite ways to eat our muesli:

Look for our muesli on this website, in stores and as part of the Superfood Variety Pack on Amazon.

P.S. We love seeing all the ways you're enjoying our granola and muesli! Please tag us on Facebook and Instagram with your photos featuring our cereals, and we may just share your post with our followers.

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Thanks for purchasing our Toasted Muesli, Larry! The ingredients in our products are naturally free of gluten—there isn’t any wheat, barley or rye in our products or kitchen. However, the organic oats we bake with are not certified gluten-free, so the oats could have come into contact with other gluten-containing ingredients during processing or transport.

Michele's Granola

We just bought a 3lb bag of muesli. Is it gluten free ? I

Larry Quigley

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