Matt and Sarela, founders of SIMPLi, in Peru

Guest Post: Meet SIMPLi

We so admire the unmatched quality of the seeds and seasonings produced by our friends at SIMPLi, but more importantly, they set the standard for responsible global sourcing and environmental...

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Michele's Original Granola Butter - perfect addition to your snack board

Same Spreadable Granola, New Name!

We're excited to share we've given our beloved Oat & Nut Butter a fresh new name: (Re)introducing Michele’s Granola Butter! Why the change? This wholesome sweet & salty treat is...

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Independent retailers and small businesses can shop for Michele's Granola on Faire

Delicious News for Small Retailers

Are you a smaller retailer or independent business interested in carrying Michele's Granola? Our full catalog of 12oz bags of granola & muesli, our Granola Butter and our nut-free bulk...

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A busy day at the bakery at Michele's Granola, where we only bake with natural and organic ingredients

Your Questions Answered: Protein

You've been asking, and we're here to answer: Would Michele’s Granola ever release a granola with extra protein?

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Made in Maryland, 2024 episode featuring Michele's Granola

Welcome to our Kitchen: Made in Maryland

Have you ever been curious what inspired Michele (yes, there is a Michele!) to start a granola company? Want to see the real people who make, bake, pack and ship...

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Michele's Granola Cocoa Chocolate Chip in bulk, available to shop online now

Update on Bulk Granola

Would you believe that in 2023, we sold nearly 50 tons (you read that right: 50 TONS or 100,000 pounds) of granola in 2.25- and 5-pound Bulk Bags? Is it...

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